Meet Our Team

The people behind Dive Centre Manly

Richard Nicholls - Owner

PADI Course Director, Technical Instructor Trainer and one of the creators of the Cabbage Tree Bay aquatic reserve, Richard has been and continues to be all things Scuba Diving in Sydney and Australia.

He has owned and run Dive Centre Manly for over 29 years and having dived all over the world, he continues to be passionate about bringing people into the underwater world.

Janet Clough - Owner

“When I emigrated to Australia in 1990 learning to dive was first on the list of things to do, up to that point snorkeling in the Isle of Man was as exciting as it got. Little did I know that my Diving Instructor would become my life buddy and I would own a dive shop with him.

“My own career outside diving has for the most part restricted my diving to weekends and holidays, but I am fast approaching dive #2000 (and yes I have every dive logged).

“Early morning dives at Shelly Beach in Manly, still rank right up there with the very best and I try and get at least one in a week.”

Michael Gavaghan - Manager

Straight off the plane from the UK 8 years ago I faced my fear of the ocean; I embarked on my first Discover Scuba Dive hand in hand with my PADI Instructor on the Great Barrier Reef.

Fast forward 8 years, add in  a ” career break ” from hospitality and I am leading the operations of a multi-award winning PADI 5 Star Instructor training facility and assisting others on their own journey.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your students coming back time and time again developing a love for the ocean.

I love the adventure of diving and sharing my passion with others.

Geoff McInnes - Skipper, Instructor

“I have been fascinated by the underwater world going back to all the Jacques Cousteau documentaries and books of my youth, although it was a long line to being certified as a scuba diver in 2013. From there, 470 dives later I became a professional in 2016, and since then I have had the privilege of having a job taking people diving.”

“Nothing is better than gliding slowly underwater watching the residents interact with each other and the human interlopers to their world. I strongly believe the more you dive, the more you see, take the plunge, I will be waiting.”

Genny Hebert - Instructor

“From my Open Water Course in India, to my Advanced on the Great Barrier Reef, all the way up to my Divemaster in Indonesia and my Instructor course with DCM, I became a lover of the underwater creatures. I am an enthusiastic preservationist of nature and a strong advocate for ocean conservation.”

“Originally from Canada, I now live here in the Northern Beaches. I love guiding people through their scuba diving and snorkelling journeys in this beautiful place.”

“I’ve been a certified diver since 2003, and became an instructor in 2016. I love introducing land lubbers to the wonderful underwater world, and nothing beats floating around inside a lovely wreck.

“Whether doing a very deep, tech dive, or a shore dive off Shelly Beach, diving for me is a release from the stress and hassle of the world. Worries and concerns float and stay on the surface. Seeing the amazing creatures that live in our harbour is stunning, especially when so much of our land based wildlife is no more as our cities grow.

“When out from under the water, you will find me on the water kitesurfing, swimming, windsurfing – in fact, any water sport there is… When on land, you can find me running ultra marathons, mountain biking, rock climbing, dancing – I don’t do sitting still.

“Originally a Pom, I’ve lived in Australia long enough to call it home, and have learned to like cold beers… (And no matter what, I get to win the ashes!).

“Come diving with me, and see what my office looks like!”

Bill Robson - Instructor

Daniel Vandervaere - Instructor

“First certified as a PADI Junior Open Water diver at Shelly Beach in 1993, I’m now a PADI Master Instructor and Tec Instructor with over 1000 dives in 15 countries.

My favourite diving is advanced wreck and cave penetration, and love diving with big animals like manta rays, hammerheads, dolphins and whalesharks. However, there’s nothing more satisfying than giving someone their first experience underwater.”

Chris Fletcher 'Fletch' - Instructor

“My journey into the underwater world started back in 1987, becoming a new and excited open water diver. Since then it has been an amazing ride – from diving around the Asia Pacific, seeing what we are doing to this wonderful environment, and more importantly what we can do to protect it!”

“The best way I believe is to get people to experience it, love it and embrace it.
If not diving, you will find me flying a drone or on a sail boat. For me life is under the water, on the water or over the water.
Looking forward to blowing some bubbles together!”

Kyle Goodman - Instructor

“I got into diving cause I watched shark week and thought it would be cooler to see them in person rather than on the TV, I’m also a marine biologist. I pretty much go diving to interact with all the animals and see all the cool stuff! I have a particular passion for sharks and have worked closely with them as a study species, and I think cephalopods are some of the coolest creatures about.

“I started diving with DCM and quickly became a regular and DM, completing all my training with the shop and becoming a local guide. After a stint working overseas with a shark research facility I returned to Australia and completed my instructor level training. Now I take out the guided shore dives and discover scuba dives, helping out where I’m needed.”

Brenda 1000 dive

Brenda Shoeninger - Instructor

“Brenda was born in Colorado, USA and learned to dive in 2006. She became an instructor in 2008 and is now PADI IDC Staff Instructor and a PADI Tec 50 instructor.”

“Brenda’s passion is wreck diving and she spends her spare time diving the wrecks around Asia Pacific including Bikini Atoll and Truk Lagoon.”

Anthony Kellet - Instructor

“I first found scuba diving while backpacking around Thailand in 2008, signing up to an open water course. Having no idea of what diving was, I was certainly a fish out of water. During my first dive experience I quickly grew a fascination for marine life, coral reefs and everything scuba related.”

“Fast forward to 2022 I have dived in numerous countries, participated in countless dive trips, and completed my Dive Master and Instructors training with Dive Centre Manly. I now have the privilege of guiding and introducing people to the underwater world.”