PADI Tec 45 Trimix

Once you’ve successfully completed your PADI TEC 40 Course, you’re ready to start your technical diver training with the Tec 45 Trimix course.

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About this course

Earn the certification to access 20+ technical wrecks in Sydney


As you cross over from the recreational to technical depth range the use of helium in your diving mix is important to combat the very noticeable effects of narcosis and increased gas density. During technical dives it’s critical to be alert and able to respond effectively if problems arise. Diver safety is paramount, and so, at Dive Centre Manly, Trimix is an important and integral gas choice for all technical dives. Not only will this increase your clarity and enjoyment of dives in the technical range it will also give you a qualification to use light helium mixtures.

Course Outcomes

  • Plan and execute accelerated decompression dives up to 45m with one stage decompression tank
  • Qualify to use light Trimix mixtures to combat narcosis
  • Earn the certification to access 20+ technical wrecks in Sydney
  • Prepare yourself for Tec 50 Trimix


  • Digital Tec manual
  • All gas & boat costs 
  • Certification as Tec 45 Trimix diver


  • Equipment hire: Stage tanks and regulators can be hired for use during the course but it is essential for students to invest in their own equipment for diving at this level


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