Dive Against Debris

Marine debris has become a huge issue globally. Marine animals become entangled in debris, and even mistake it for food – often killing them. Divers, swimmers and beach goers can also be directly harmed by encounters with marine debris or its toxins. This is why Dive Centre Manly has committed to be a leader in the fight against marine debris through Project Aware’s Adopt a Dive Site™.

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Help keep our oceans and beaches clean

Join Dive Centre Manly's famous underwater clean up

$25 snorkelers / $60 divers including full gear hire

We have proudly adopted two of our regular dive sites of Manly Cove and Shelly Beach. This means we are dedicated to undertaking monthly marine Dive Against Debris surveys to improve the health of ocean ecosystems. On a larger scale, we provide much-needed information about marine debris to Project Aware which will help inform policy changes.

How can you help?

Come along to our Dive Against Debris beach and underwater clean up events! If you’re not a diver, that’s okay! You can help us by free diving, snorkeling, beach cleaning or even by sorting and recording data on land – many hands make for light work! We also schedule regular shore dives at our adopted dive sites so any time you come diving with us we encourage you to collect any marine debris you see so we can report it to Project Aware.

Adopted Dive Sites:

  • Manly Cove
  • Shelly beach


  • Nothing for snorkelers
  • Open Water certification for divers

Gear Hire Costs:

It’s free to sign up to this event, and as a special thank you for helping us clean the ocean, all gear rental is half-price for the day.

  • Snorkeler: Full Gear Hire $25
  • Diver: Full Gear Hire $60
  • Diver: Tank & Weights $25

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