Jervis Bay

Swim with the whales or dive with seals!

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About this trip

The dive site

There is a permanent breeding seal colony here with groups to the north and south of the heads. Whales regularly stop in to rest here as they move up and down the coast, and there are multiple marine sanctuary’s and a vast national park in the area to support the abundant marine life.Because of the shape of the bay and headlands, you can dive Jervis Bay in most conditions. There are sheer soft coral walls, multiple caves and swim-throughs, wrecks including planes and ships, shark nurseries, macro life and miles of rocky coastline to explore for both recreational and technical diving.

Marine life

Jervis Bay is home to a vast quantity of macro life, from nudibranchs to sea spiders, Weedy Sea Dragons and pipefish which are endemic to the region. There are a number of varieties of pipefish that are endangered that are found here, there is also several sea horses such as the Eastern Big Belly. There are also vast numbers of soft corals, anemones and fans.

What you will see

White sandy beaches, tranquil waters, a healthy marine ecosystem. Jervis Bay is the perfect getaway! Jervis Bay is a large, safe harbour, protected by the towering stone cliffs on the seaside that sink deep into the ocean. This part of the coastline is close to the continental shelf, with clear water coming up from the deep ocean. Visibility at Jervis Bay averages at around 15 to 20 meters throughout the year.


  • Located 3 hours south of Sydney, Jervis is a stunning area with white sandy beaches and a healthy marine ecosystems.


  • Dorm-share style accommodation (private rooms available upon request)


  • Four boat dives over two days at Jervis Bay
  • Two nights shared accommodation at The Dive Shack (at Jervis Bay Dive)


  • Transport to and from Jervis Bay (Carpooling available)
  • Lunch & Dinner
  • Rental equipment


  • Minimum Open Water Diver with 15+ logged dives

Rental Gear:

  • Full gear hire: $110 for duration of the trip

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