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Shark Conservation Diver


Shark Conservation Diver

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Project AWARE Shark Conservation Diver
Discover the value of sharks

What’s Involved:
• Learn more about the issues facing sharks.
• Discover the conservation status of sharks, why they are unique and vulnerable, and the importance of healthy shark populations.
• How to manage shark threats, recognise their value and remove barriers to conservation.
• Actions you can take today to help and how to join a global movement of shark protectors!

• Project AWARE Shark Study Guide
• Two shore dives to meet local Manly shark species

Cost: $245
Course Duration: 1 Day
Pre-requisite: Open Water Certification

27 Jun 2021 | 6 | 2
Sunday 1-Day Course  

Anais Poulalion

01 Aug 2021 | 6 | 6
Sunday 1-Day Course  

Anais Poulalion

26 Sep 2021 | 6 | 6
Sunday 1-Day Course  

Anais Poulalion

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