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GUE Fundamentals Course

Global Underwater Explorers

GUE Fundamentals Course

AUD 1,495.00

GUE Fundamentals
The unique course to hone your diving skills

This course is perfect for those divers who have completed their PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent and are looking to improve their buoyancy, control and awareness underwater to see more, be more comfortable and prepare for upcoming higher level courses.  Earning a Rec pass on this course is a pre-requisite for enrolling on all Dive Centre Manly Technical diving courses.

Why take this course?
Buoyancy, trim, stability and awareness are all essential to be a good, and most importantly safe, diver. Without this solid foundation it is difficult to complete tasks fully under control i.e. taking a still, close-up photo neutrally buoyant the right distance from your subject in a mild current, or sending up an SMB whilst holding your depth and being aware of what’s going on around you. Good, stable divers are the most comfortable divers and not only do they enjoy their dives to the maximum, they tend to see and notice more!

Exceptional buoyancy control, efficient finning and quality diving does not come from simply diving lots, being shown the right way and then practicing is the quickest and surest way to success.  The Fundamentals course is unique as a course tailored to your specific needs and goals- whether that is to be able to comfortably and enjoyable cruise around a reef or preparing to strap on lots of tanks and go deep on a technical course.

This course is a pre-requisite for Technical diving as after earning your Rec pass you’ll be fully ready to take on board the increased complexity of twin tanks, stage tank handling and safe, controlled decompression diving.

“Instructor Stephen Ho is a very active and dedicated advanced, technical and deep diver, with a high level of comforting patience and discipline while professionally guiding students through course curriculum and skills. This instructor exemplifies the high diving and instruction standards that are apparent for GUE, and is able to do so with a calm, safe and fair demeanor, presumably by virtue of his existing experience in training recreational and technical divers, as well as his own continuous efforts of mastery and preparation.”
Justin Ashworth, June 2019

“I did my GUE fundamentals with Steve: it changed my life. I learned how to back kick, frog kick, how to team position and SMB skills. This is the best course I’ve ever done. Steve is a top notch instructor. Many thanks to Dive Center Manly!”
Tim Wu, March 2019

“Steve was a fantastic instructor and a real example for new GUE divers. I only wish the course would last longer than two weekends.”
James Sinclair, October 2019

Are you:
• An underwater photographer wanting to take steadier and better pictures?
• A relatively new diver looking to improve their general buoyancy and control?
• A Rescue Diver or Divemaster-in-training wanting high personal diving skills to maximise your diving?
• A Divemaster or Instructor looking to perfect your own skills to guide and teach more effectively?
• Preparing for a Technical, Wreck or Deep diving course?
• A technical diver wanting to sharpen your skills and be ready for the next, deeper challenge?

What is involved:
• We’ll help you hone and improve your skills

This will allow you to feel more in control of your diving and set yourself up for more enjoyable and challenging dives in the future

• 4 days (two weekends) of course day
• 6 dives and at least 30 hours of instruction
• All course materials and major equipment items

• Registration fee $100 (paid directly to GUE)

Cost: $1195
A minimum deposit of $500 is required to secure your spot.

Pre-requisite: Advanced Open Water Diver

Course Duration: 4 days (2 weekends)

Prior to the course please contact us to discuss equipment requirements.

28 Aug 2021 | 4 | 2
Sat-Sun 28-29th August Sat0Sun 4-5th September  

Stephen Ho

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