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Global Underwater Explorers
GUE Doubles Primer

AUD 495.00

Global Underwater Explorers
GUE Fundamentals Course

GUE FundamentalsThe unique course to hone your diving skills This course is perfect for those divers who have completed their PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent and are looking to improve their buoyancy, control and awareness underwater to see more,… - Read More

AUD 1,495.00

Global Underwater Explorers
GUE Tech 1

AUD 3,500.00

Tec 40 + 45 TrimixStart your Technical diving adventure Once you’ve successfully completed your Fundamentals course with a Rec pass, you’re ready to start your technical diver training with the combined Tec 40 and Tec 45 Trimix course. As you cross over… - Read More

AUD 2,095.00

Tec 50 TrimixStart pushing boundaries The Tec 50 Trimix course is the next step in your Technical diving journey and where it really starts to get exciting. Build on all the experience and skills you gained during Tec 40 and Tec 45 Trimix to become a… - Read More

AUD 1,595.00

Tec 65 TrimixThe serious stuff begins For those who want to see what few get to see, the Tec 65 Trimix course prepares you to plan, execute and safely undertake some serious dives with a higher helium Trimix and up to 5 cylinders. If you’re up for the… - Read More

AUD 2,495.00

Tec TrimixDive without limits For the ultimate Open-circuit scuba qualification you need PADI Tec Trimix. This is the deepest PADI program and upon successful completion you will have mastered the skills and knowledge to plan, execute, analyse and perform… - Read More

AUD 2,995.00