Boat Dives

Expand your diving from shore diving to boat diving with us! Our boat departs Manly for guided boat dives and unguided boat dives to explore Sydney underwater.

About the dives

Come dive Sydney underwater from our boat where you can find caves, swim-throughs, overhangs and drop-offs during your dives. Explore the vibrant colours of Sydney by scuba diving underwater where multicoloured sponges, corals, sea fans and gorgonian branches flourish on the reefs, attracting a huge amount of marine life. You can also expect to spot blue gropers, weedy sea dragons, port jackson sharks, grey nurse, nudibranchs, kingfish, leatherjackets, wrasse, moray eels, wobbegongs, octopus, giant cuttlefish and much more!

We have the following boat dive options available.

Boat Diving

Single from $70 / Double from $100

Boat Diving - Dive Centre Manly
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Night Boat Diving

From $70 (excluding gear hire)

Night Boat Diving - Dive Centre Manly
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Boat Charter

$650 (excluding gear hire)

Boat Diving - Dive Centre Manly
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  • PADI professional dive guide (for guided boat dives)
  • Transport to and from all dive sites (for guided boat dives)
  • Open Water certification with 10 dives or Advanced Open Water certification
  • SMB required from each boat diver
  • 1 Dive – $145 (full gear)
  • 1 Dive – $95 (tanks + weights)
  • 1 Dive – $70 (no gear)
  • 2 Dives – $225 (full gear)
  • 2 Dives – $165 (tanks + weights only)
  • 2 Dives – $100 (own gear)

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