Underwater Photography Fundamentals Course

For those looking for an introduction to underwater photography

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About this course

For beginner to intermediate-level photographers wanting to expand their knowledge

$495 - 3 Workshops and 2 Dives

Hosted by award-winning photographer Pete McGee, this course offers a series of workshops and dives to introduce divers to the essential skills and techniques required for capturing that special moment below the waves.

Split over 3 weeks, with evening workshops followed by weekend shore dives, allowing divers to test out their newly acquired skills and receive personalized feedback, tips & tricks from Pete.

What Is Involved

This course offers 3 evening workshops & 2 shore dives and will cover what you need (end to end) to take beautiful photos.

Course content:

  • Photography fundamentals
  • The underwater photography environment
  • Underwater camera system assembly and care
  • Camera settings and using manual controls
  • Natural & artificial lighting underwater
  • Composition and creativity
  • Macro and wide-angle introduction
  • Marine life subject selection
  • Underwater photography etiquette
  • Photo review and feedback
  • Basic photo workflow and editing (using Adobe Lightroom)


  • Expert tuition from Pete McGee
  • 3 Workshop Sessions
  • 2 Guided Dives


  • Compact Camera - TG's available - $50 per session
  • Dive Gear - From $60
  • Editing Software
  • Tuition in individual Camera's


  • Open Water Certification with any agency
  • Must have dived within the last year
  • A Compact of SLR camera are required for this course

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